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Celebrating Fashion Professionals from Ohio & the Midwest

The Midwest is proud to boast some of the most talented Fashion Designers in the world!
Browse our directory of Professional Fashion Designers all hailing from or operating in Ohio & the Midwest!

Many of these designers create custom garments in a Couture Style!
Ohio & the Midwest offer an amazing range of talented Professional Models!
As the fashion industry begins to accept the reality of a full range of body types and ethnicities, Ohio & the  Midwest are blossoming with models making great careers in front of the camera and on the runways all over the world!

All of the models in our directory are working, professional and dependable! Contact information is present for many of them to book for your project!
  1. Elana Wells
    Elana Wells
    Cleveland, Oh (Fall 2016)
  2. Margo Huff
    Margo Huff
    Cleveland, Ohio (Fall 2016)
  3. Lloydann Daley
    Lloydann Daley
    Akron, Oh (Spring 2017)
  4. Xhanti Malika
    Xhanti Malika
    Cleveland, Ohio (Winter 2017)
  5. Camil Elaine
    Camil Elaine
    Cincinnati, Ohio (Winter 2017)
  6. Julia Barrett
    Julia Barrett
    Cincinnati, Oh (Spring 2017)
  7. Andrea Kendall
    Andrea Kendall
    Dover, Ohio (Fall 2017, OHFW Preview 2107)
  8. David Ray Jr.
    David Ray Jr.
    Columbus, Ohio (Fall 2017)
  9. Sabrina Nguyen
    Sabrina Nguyen
    Indianapolis, Indiana (Fall 2017, OHFW Preview 2017)
  10. Skylar Bertolette
    Skylar Bertolette
    Cleveland, Ohio (Fall 2017, OHFW Preview 2017)
  11. Samantha Creasor
    Samantha Creasor
    Port Huron, Michigan (Fall 2017)
HMUAs (Hair & Makeup Artists)​​
The Midwest boasts a plethora of high level Hair and Makeup Artists who can perform seamlessly on the world stage!
The Midwest offers outstanding Hair and Makeup Artists that are highly talented professionals. This profession is one of high stress and expected creativity!

The professionals in our directory are talented, dependable and they know how to work with expertise even under the high pressure of a fast paced runway show!
  1. Managing Director
TV Producer
 JT Thomas has over a decade of experience in the fashion industry and is the Executive Producer of an internationally syndicated FashionTV News show. His program airs via FashionTV Network in over 20 countries  globaly making JT a world class television producer and video artist operating right here in Cleveland!​​
Wardobe Stylists assist the designers, models, photographers and producers with preparing looks for photo/video shoots and runway. The Midwest is proud to uplift professionals in this unique field!
  1. Anastasia Hagertsrom
    Anastasia Hagertsrom
    Cincinnati, Oh (Spring 2017, Winter 2017)
  2. Jerin McIntosh
    Jerin McIntosh
    Cincinnati, Oh (Spring 2017, Winter 2017)
Textile Artist
  1. Jackie Bertolette
    Jackie Bertolette
    Cleveland, Ohio (Summer 2017, Spring 2017, Winter 2016, Holiday 2016, Fall 2016-Premier Issue)
​Textile Design is the creative artistry of fabric design. Original designs and patterns are created and then printed on chosen textile types.

The Midwest is home to Textile Artists of world class level talent.
Winners were students at the time of publication for our Spring 2017 Issue---

Boasting several high quality precision cosmetology and esthetician schools, the Midwest is preparing young talent for their careers. Haute Ohio Magazine is proud to mentor these students and recognize their achievement of outstanding talent and skill.

Our student contest winners are "The best of the best"!
  1. Audrianna Maday
    Audrianna Maday
    Port Huron, Michigan (Fall 2107, OHFW Preview 2017)
  2. Tiffany LaCroix
    Tiffany LaCroix
    Detroit, MI Hair Stylist Student (Spring 2017)
  3. Lindsey Ollier
    Lindsey Ollier
    Cincinnati, Oh MUA (Make Up Artist) Student (Spring 2017)
  4. Lish Crossland-Hill
    Lish Crossland-Hill
    Dayton, Ky Photography Student (Spring 2017)
  5. Laura (Elle) Booker
    Laura (Elle) Booker
    Columbus, Oh HMUA (Hair & Make Up Artist) Student (Spring 2017)